Hate Profile focuses the unfocused, blurs the sharp.

A conceptual project about the spiritual resistance to the modern age, depicting the loss of mankind in the colours of controlled chaos. Sounds from a mechanical and materialistic world mix with esoteric soul-search, foreseeing the catastrophe to come in a lucid rant of uneasiness.

A prophecy from our detached Inner Self. The Voice of the Dark Age.


2013 – The Soul Proceeds is released by Behemoth Productions / Masterpiece Distribution. The first release is a 500-copies limited edition digipak.

2012 – ”Opus II: The Soul Proceeds” is mixed by Fabio Bartolini at Hidden Sun and mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering (CA-USA). Produced by Fabio Bartolini / Era Vugaris Labs. The album features Amon 418 on vocals and all instruments and m:A FOG on drums. Arke (Opposite Sides) and Mane (Defixio, Krydome) join as guests. Hate Profile relocate in Germany and Switzerland and partners with SKnote Audio Plugins.

2010-2011 – Hate Profile spend two years in the production of “The Soul Proceeds”, an overwhelming artistic and technical voyage into experimentation spread across various Studios and places. Hate Profile partners with Studio Devil – Virtual Tube Amplification.
Amon 418 is featured on "Lost Inside" by Opposite Sides (released November 29th by Rising Records, UK) as bassist, engineer and co-producer.

2009 - Hate Profile signs an endorsement deal with world renowned manufacturer ESP Guitars and Basses through Backline, the Official Italian Distributor. m:A FOG officially becomes a member of the band.

2008 – Amon 418 writes the early versions of the songs for Opus II.
m:A FOG, drummer of Black Flame, Slavia, Janus, Dead To This World and ex of Disiplin and Glorior Belli is chosen to perform drums on the new album.
Amon 418 is featured on Opposite Sides' "Soul Mechanics”, as bass / synth player, engineer and co-producer (Mondongo Canibale Rec. - Spain) and Hortus Animae’s “Funeral Nation – 10 Years of Hortus Animae” limited edition box-set (Sleaszy Rider Rec. – Greece).

2007 / 2006 – Hate Profile’s debut album is being promoted internationally, receiving an overwhelming response from both the media and audience.
Amon 418 performs and engineers bass / synthesizers on “Soul Mechanics” from Opposite Sides and is featured on Hortus Animae’s “The Blow of Furious Winds” (Sleaszy Rider Rec. – Greece).

2005 – “Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile” tracking sessions are completed at Hidden Sun by Amon 418 and at Fear Studio by Gabriele Ravaglia. Mixed and mastered by "Paso" Pasini and Gabriele Ravaglia at Fear Studio, the album is published in December by Cruz del Sur Records. Produced by Amon 418 for Era Vulgaris Musick (now Labs.)

2004 – The recordings for the debut album start at Alpha Omega Studio, performed by Diego “GroM” Meraviglia (Ancient, Psychorder, Opposite Sides, Hortus Animae, Doomsword...) and engineerd by Alex Azzali

2003 – Amon 418 completes Hate Profile's debut album’s early material and joins Hortus Animae as session guitarist, starting a long artistic relationship with Diego “GroM” Meraviglia, both featured on “Windfall – Summoning of the Muse” cover from Dead Can Dance for “The Lotus Eaters Tribute” published by Black Lotus Rec. in 2004. Norwegian singer Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes, ex Theater of Tragedy) joins as guest singer. The Tribute album also features Ulver, The Gathering, Ataraxia, D. Cavanagh (Anathema/Antimatter), Faith and the Muse, Dan Lilker, Monumentum and others

1998 / 2002 – After four years searching to find its own dimension with members of Defixio, Entity and Aldebaran, Hate Profile becomes a one-man endeavour. The “Bleeding Black Heart” demo (1999 /2000) remains unpublished

Current Members:
Fabio "Amon 418" Bartolini: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers
Massimo "m:A FOG" Altomare: Drums

Past members:
Diego "GroM" Meraviglia: Drums

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