The Khaos Hatefile | Media Excerpts (EN / IT / DE)

“This first part definitely makes thirsty for more!”
- Lords of Metal

“This "Opus I" contains some fantastic black metal tracks where we can find all the best of the style, that is some basic or repetitive BURZUM-like riffing, or quite aggressive and technical stuffs ala EMPEROR, or even many samples and modern sounding in the pure vein of LIMBONIC ART.”
- HM Universe

“Gli Hate Profile, infatti, oltre ad una indiscutibile perizia tecnica, colorano di sfumature inconsuete le trame tradizionali del genere.”
“La ricerca sonora di Amon 418 attinge al black metal più gelido e graffiante, ma altresì articolato e audace, dove furia esecutiva e momenti di più ampio respiro trovano uguale spazio.”
- Paolo Sola / Rock Hard Italy

“Molto moderno e robotico nell’impalcatura, non distante dalle influenze meccaniche ed industriali degli ultimi Satyricon, non privo di richiami alla scena estrema svedese e di penetranti sviluppi epici, ispessito da tastiere più atmosferiche che protagoniste, spesso dotate dell’approccio spaziale tipico di un vecchio act death come i Nocturnus”
- Dario Adile / Silent Scream

“I later realized that the magnitude of the whole doesn't sink until you have spent some time with it. […] In fact, I keep coming back to "Veils that Blind" every time I listen to the album [...] a tempo shift and switch to a gnarly Swedish-style death metal riff in one part of the song just slays me every time.”
- Scott Alisoglu / Blabbermouth

“The blending of malevolent riffing, sinister vocalizing, and nimble drumming will undoubtedly coax some of you to the dark side, and rightfully so. “Chapter 4: The Day My Feathers Fell” is the first real manifestation of brilliance, in my opinion, as the evil fluttering keyboards, audible bass lines, and trance inducing riffs are then joined by calculated spit-soaked growls, propelling the tune to exemplary status.”
- Jason Jordan / Ultimate Metal

“Amon 418 und sein Sessiondrummer Grom (ANCIENT) erschufen hier ein Album voller nihilistisch majestätischer Macht, astraler Atmosphäre und einem absolut geilen Alteschule-Flair. Zwischen ABIGOR, ANCIENT, DARK FUNERAL, alten ROTTING CHRIST und RAGNARÖK angesiedelt kann ’Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile’ druckvoll und mit mächtigen Melodien vor allem aufgrund der erzeugten Stimmung mehr als überzeugen.”
- Ancient Spirit

“Giovandosi del drumming puntuale di GroM (Ancient, Hortus Animae) e dell'artwork di Fabban (Aborym), Amon 418, già a partire dall'inquietante intro esplicita il suo indiscusso talento con un prodotto di finissima qualità. [...]”
- DS / Flash Magazine

“‘The Khaos Hatefile’ contains ample technical merit to back up the lyrical landscapes which serve as the backbone of this artful black metal expression, while simultaneously displaying an impressive caliber of songwriting skill. […] with rise-and-fall dynamic elements recalling recent Darkthrone (’Bleeding Black Heart’), strident and nihilistic, like being decapitated with a gorgeously constructed saber (’Veils That Blind’). Production values are high, and the quality continues to shine.”
- Treehouse of Death

“Ein Killer-Album für Freunde der progressiven und leicht gestörten Schwarzwurzel-Tonkunst.”
- Tinnitus

“Questo album, che sprofonda nell'umida terra, affoga nel fango e assorbe le sue negatività, si eleva fiero in cavalcate epiche e sognanti, avvicinandosi al luccichìo solare, con flash di immagini di un albero morto percorso dal mite vento post-apocalittico, è molto meglio di uscite più blasonate e merita tutto il mio supporto.”
- Inferno / Black Metal Ist Krieg

“Dark Avant Metal with many bizarre elements going on. A mix of Bethlehem, Deinonychus and Raw Black bands like Negura Bunget, DHG and Saytricon. This Project is making my head begin to spin.”
- Absolute Zero

“Even if the name could suggest some sort of raw / blasphemous work, the music and concept are rather sophisticated, esoteric and very modern sounding and that’s the way I like it! Modern / conceptual black metal is what to be found on this excellent recording. Great guitar riffs and leads abound and the raspy vocals of Amon 418 are some of the best I’ve heard. Spaced out keyboards along with samplings is what makes for a more futuristic vision of the black metal art.”
- Harm

“The best thing about this CD to me is the atmosphere. It is black metal for the most part, but has a philosophical aura similar to Borknagar and Arcturus, and maybe Vintersorg. […] It is obvious that Amon 418 did not rush through this project but rather (and probably) obsessed over it, working it to perfection according to his own vision. It is very obvious that he has accomplished here something that will be difficult to beat.”
- Critical Metal

“[…] I love, absolutely love bands that offer us listeners something unique, and "Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile" definitely is that.”
- Metal Coven

“Straightforward black metal is rarely played this efficiently nowadays. […] Simple and efficiently played guitar harmonies flash in and out of the song, while the stellar drum work of GroM is at times nothing short of astonishing.”
- Music Edge

“[…] a killer album. This is one I’ll be comparing other bands to for a long, long time.”
- Dare Devil

“Tracks like the methodically paced “The Day My Feathers Fell” diabolically hypnotizes, while “Recall to Nothing” unleashes the hellhounds for another round of death metal mayhem. [...] offers a lot to the metal fan that needs more than brutality. ”
- EarCandyMag

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